Texas Star Outdoors crawfish cooker

We know there are a lot of myths about using thinner materials or "burning through" with these cookers but trust us we have engineered them to handle the toughest jobs. If you think that it isn't thick enough please see watch the video of boiling water in a plastic bottle. Yes plastic! So if you could boil water in a plastic bottle.....trust us you will not have a problem with our cookers! Also a friendly reminder that a standard old school boil pot is only .060 thick...

The Original Crawdaddy Cooker Cool Facts and Features:
Patent Pending ribbed bottom to boil faster that our previous models by 40%!
Constructed from 1/8 Marine Grade Aluminum with stainless bolt on hinges
The crawfish evacuation port is covered with a dual purpose trap door.

The risk of splash back is minimized while adding product, and the heat is contained within the vessel much more effectively than open air boiling pots.


Handles and wheels make for easy transport

Convex legs allow for extra stability and sturdier footing

All units come standard with a Bayou Classic 4” cast iron propane burner with adjustable 30 psi regulator and braided stainless steel hose.

Lower side panels provide extra frame support and helps prevent burner blowout.

The single sack unit weighs in empty at only an impressive 75 lbs. Its unique design allows for a full single sack of delicious crawfish to cook safely in 15 gallons of boiling water.
“Quick Basket” sides are constructed from non-perforated material to prevent water from migrating outwards towards individuals who are emptying the basket.

Slotted holes on the “Quick Basket” sides serves as a fill line gauge, and ensures proper water level every time. It takes the guess work out of the amount of water needed to sufficiently fill the cooking pot, and reduces the risk of overfilling the boiling pot.

It lowers with ease into the graduated tapered boiling pot.
Extraction from the vessel is just as simple. No tools are required.

The boiling pots unique graduated tapered design helps to reduce the amount of time needed to heat the water; thus, saving propane.

When closed properly the bronze gate valve (as opposed to a ball valve) reduces the risk of accidental release of boiling hot water.

The built in sump ensures complete drainage.

Clean up is a breeze!
Special and oversized models are made to order and available in a variety of sizes.

For more information and inquiries please contact us.

Prices starting at only $1195!